Hey there, I’m Avis Kellman. Aged 17, I’m interested in 3D modeling and concept art, while also taking A Level Maths on the side. Along with a keen love of the Games Industry, I’m also a big fan of animation, and hope to use this passion to get top levels in my Next Gen Course.

I really like RPG games specifically for their gripping and deep storylines. I enjoy character creation too, so I spend my spare time creating original characters and stories. I’m interested in moving these characters from the page into the 3D world, so in my own time I’ve been modelling one of them (Peredur).

I recently entered World Skills and got through to the Finals in Birmingham, having modelled a ‘Monster of the Deep’ for my college heat and a ‘Haunted Mansion’ for the passive heat. The Semi-Finals demanded that we model a ‘Demonic Moose Head’.

The finals took place over 2 and a half days. The first day, I had to model a boss from the game ‘Overcooked’. On the second day, I modelled his environment and the last half day was dedicated to producing a render of our creations using assets and characters from the real game.