Haunted Mansion (World Skills)

Ghost Hunter Mansion Beauty Render (Avis Kellman - Penwith College).jpg

After winning the college heat by modelling a ‘Monster of the Deep’, I was entered into World Skills along with Philip, my fellow competitor. For the passive heat, I was asked to model the Ghost Hunters Mansion from the codemasters game ‘Ghost Hunters’. We could model it however we liked (we didn’t even really need to use the image of the game provided) so long as it fitted with the given theme.


Basically, we were asked ‘What would a Haunted Mansion from a Mario game look like?’ We had 12 days to model, unwrap and texture the mansion, a spooky tree and a gravestone. We were also expected to put it together into a nice looking scene.

Ghost Hunter Mansion Tunrtable Render Greybox0000.png

My mansion ended up looking like a witch’s hat, and the odd shapes made it quite difficult to unwrap and layer up, but I think I did pretty well. I was most worried about texturing it in the time given, since almost 6 days went on modelling it.

Ghost Hunter Mansion Diffuse (Avis Kellman - Penwith College).jpg

I was quite pleased with my texturing, since the practise really taught me how to hand texture bricks. The tiles also went really well. My favourite section is definitely the cute little ghosty shapes in the upper window!

Ghost Hunter Mansion Diffuz no light0000.png

Finally, I added some lighting to really make it spooky. I was very pleased with it as my final submission.

Ghost Hunter Mansion Tunrtable Render0000.png

I later received news that I had got through the heat  and was in the Semi-Finals in London! This meant I was one of the Top 20 Young 3D modellers in the country. Very exciting.


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