World Skills Semi-Finals

Having beaten countless others to reach the Semi-Finals, I was one of the Top 20 Young 3D modellers in the country. This time, it was a fight for the Top 8. Just like the Passive Heat, the Semi-Finals of World Skills took reference from the Codemasters game ‘Ghost Hunters’.

Ghost Hunters (Code Masters) grey.JPG

This time we were tasked to model a Demon Moose Head from one of the game’s levels. This would involve modelling with both hard and soft techniques. Even more complicated is the idea of modelling a moose. This had to be modelled, unwrapped and textured in 5 hours. I planned on using around 2 hours to model, 1 hour to unwrap and 2 hours to texture.



When I began, I was unsure how to begin. I created the back plate very quickly, but then struggled to begin the moose itself. I eventually started moulding a sphere into the shape of a moose. I thought the model itself went really well and I really enjoyed working from the concept art, while still adding my own creative twists.

The unwrap was also fine. I’m usually pretty quick at unwrapping, but this one had so many different sections that it took me a little longer than I expected: around 50-60 minutes. The texturing, however, did not go so well.

Part way through texturing, Photoshop broke. It didn’t crash, but simply corrupted several layers, forcing me to delete them. I managed to save one or two sections, but I was quickly running out of time with an untextured model. I ended up having to throw on all I could, then quickly adding a little bit of texture.

I wasn’t very pleased with what I created, but I will find out how I did in September.

London itself was really interesting, and I enjoyed spending time with my fellow competitor: Philip. I became more interested in spicy food as well! Perhaps the best part was meeting the other competitors and getting to just sit and chat with them about games and games development. I found what they liked and disliked, what they hoped the challenge would be and what their preferred style was. It was an amazing evening that I want to remember for the rest of my life.


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